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Writing directly to a DW (or filestore) is something the D365 ecosystem has done for some time now. At first it seemed like a bananas proposition. "Why would you do that FOR me!? What's the catch?". In reality - at least in the beginning - the win was more for MSFT than for the consumer imho. It meant that systems never built to report or host giant API queries could go about their merry way in the cloud and let any knucklehead-ery happen on someone else's time in someone else's sandbox. After some time it's come to be a really handy tool (that someone else maintains!) that allows a first-drop of data that can be cleaned, or not, combined/crunched, or not, or pushed downstream to bigger fancier systems.

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I would love to see a breakdown of data volumes and source. To your point, we probably only need the big SaaS providers follow in SalesForces' footsteps—connecting directly to DWs—to turn the market. You also have companies like CapitalOne building Slingshot (https://www.capitalone.com/software/solutions/) which deepens the DTC connection.

We are already see the DTC movement for operational DB. See Google's beta for DataStream product: https://cloud.google.com/datastream-for-bigquery

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Good insight! I love the analysis very much!

BTW, is there any chance that Fivetran will develop its own data warehouse or database to strengthen the ecological barriers.

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