The only enduring standard is greed.
How a data warehouse could become a data platform—and an organizational brain.
Steal this writing process, and join me on the dance floor.
in board call and revenue looks off, pls advise asap
We talk a lot about what data can borrow from software engineering. But on the biggest issue of all, the technology industry has a lot to learn from the…
Animating an abstract world is hard, valuable, and worthy of celebration.
This be madness, and there is not method in't.
We should redefine the role of the chief data officer. For our companies, for our careers, and for ourselves.
The thin line between being analytical and being afraid.
Our only job should be to make people more decisive.
The data ecosystem is booming. The data economy has some things to figure out.
A better way to make daily decisions is already here—just not at work.