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There's a typo "dbt Labs started changing by the drink" -> charging? Thanks for the content, amazing as always!

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Have you seen https://dowjonesbar.com/ in Barcelona? They don’t charge rent for the tables though

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I think you said it - the thing that makes this new pricing model work is the dbt Cloud user experience / feature set. Can it be compelling enough? Can they nail developer experience where not using it feels much less comfortable. I personally would LOVE to see DBT acquire Dagster. If they don't, Dagster has a very good product from what I have seen and Dagster + DBT Core is pretty compelling to me.

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Everything boils down to this. People want to get done what they need to, meeting certain criteria, with a reasonable balance between cost and effort.

It's not like pricing is an easy problem to solve, or that pricing is only set by malicious players. This is a hard problem to solve if you're not starting from scratch, as you pointed out. Lot of "smart data people" like to throw rocks and say they could have done this all better. And maybe they could. But as the adage goes, the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

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Fundamentally, the issue at hand is not one of structure, but one of magnitude. Customers weren't objecting to the pricing structure so much as the implied increase in price. Your quote about what is "required to justify their 2022 fundraising round" is the punchline and really all that needs to be said.

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We're obviously insane. SnowBuilder for Snowflake (patent pending) is unlimited usage for monthly subscription. Intent is Snowflake Marketplace. No way to do per seat pricing and usage pricing is also problematic.

The delivery costs us nothing and the direct usage costs to customer is negligible. Require XSM warehouse and subsecond execution.

What you might do with the results is another ,issue. Giving all your end users extensive libraries of named, plug and play query capabilities might increase your compute spend, hopefully with corresponding productivity and ROI😎

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