I agree with this observation and made a similar one on linkedin based on a recent article I read:

"Conversations about both, where decisions are made and knowledge actually accumulates, are washed away by the Slack firehose. To make sure our time is spent exploring new territory rather than retracing old steps, a modern data experience should remember and catalog what we learn and what we say about it. "


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Yeah, very much agree with the "fishbowl effect" point - there's a lot of relearning things we've already learned before.

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Feb 3, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

Reading this article is like drinking aged wine - the longer you wait, more interesting it becomes, and with that sadness of slow progress.

I aspire to become a full stack data scientist, whatever that means. To me, however, it doesn't mean one man show, rather being a part of a team of people that can take on any tasks enabling end to end workflow, growing together and learning from each other.

In addition, data contract should become a standard practice, allowing data scientist to source and plumb the data they need.

Too much hanging around by the fence waiting for things to lift or drop...

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