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"In other words, had Databricks acquired an ETL or BI tool...". Databricks did acquire an ETL tool? https://www.databricks.com/company/newsroom/press-releases/databricks-agrees-acquire-arcion-leading-provider-real-time

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I think I have mentioned this before - but I struggle to be fair with Microsoft about any of their data products. I think it’s probably from the weeks of my life I can’t get back that I spent adjusting formatting in SSRS reports. Or maybe it’s the promises of something new that looks exactly like something old... say SSIS vs Azure Data Factory. All of this aside - Microsoft is brilliant at creating what the enterprise wants or atleast selling to the enterprise and telling them what they want? They consistently amaze me at complex solutions for simple problems. But selling to integrators is the exact reason for complexity, plus people’s ambiguous desire for customization and control. So.. at this point I’m just anxious to see a truly net new product using AI. Maybe I missed that announcement... but haven’t seen anything yet.

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"we still have to figure out if AI is useful, after all"

It seems we are in the Microsoft vs Apple computer 1990's era; I would be curious to have your idea on what's next ?

Like, ok those systems make great hallucinations, they can understand texts, videos, audios, etc. (Gemini announcement is thrilling). But what about the real problems ?

With those models, it sometimes sounds like all the "data governance, lineag, catalog, contract" thing is dead in the bud. We just killed those challenges as now the computer "understand" the data.

Maybe the question is better worded: what will be the next big problem? IMO it's not AI regulation or things related directly to those models, but more the consequence of their use on market, business and human cognition. But there is maybe a step in-between 🤔

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Where do you think data quality falls in all of this? It seems like an obvious small fish, but could turn out to be a time bomb. It reminds me of the 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. A design flaw that put far too much stress on just a couple of bolts got ignored for years because... the bridge was still bridge-ing. Until it wasn't.

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Benn, I'm interested in your viewpoint regarding Fabric's likely influence on Snowflake. They seem to have comparable visions and value propositions, especially with Microsoft's AI/Copilot being a part of the equation. What are your thoughts?

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