> success of Microsoft’s bundled products. Many consumers, I said, would prefer to buy neatly packaged tools from a single seller, even if those products aren’t as good as specialized versions you could buy from individual vendors. Modularity, in other words, often isn’t as valuable as convenience

Convenience is truly the first principle of the internet economy or maybe even any kind of economy.

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Sep 28, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

Late to the party on this post but several bridges you've mentioned that Google needs to build between their data products are already kinda there. Google Sheets can natively connect to BigQuery, Data Studio connects natively to Google Analytics/Ads. Meanwhile, GA4 and Google Ads both have native exports to BigQuery, just that documentation on how to use/build them aren't that great.

That's why Google's pretty big for marketing/ad agencies, lots of their ad platforms/tools have those native connectors/exports. Now if they'd just offer better support for Data Studio, even for (currently non-existent, Data Studio is still surprisingly free) premium accounts, we'd be golden

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Jun 14, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

As always, lots of thought provoking points here. I think Google is winning at my company because of what you said about the buying process. If it’s in Google (or even supports marketplace billing) then it has to be vetted first before we can justify or explore other options.

I’m also strangely weirded out (perhaps even turned off) by Google’s willingness to give BigQuery away. It’s like the de facto agenda item on every meeting with our reps to mention BigQuery, pause to gauge reaction and then proceed with plan b because we didn’t bite this time.

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

Thanks. Always a pleasure to read your blog. A lot seems miss in this argument. Loosely like 1) for many enterprises (2-10 Bn$ scale) cloud costs is still important. If developers are on AwS and Data on Google, egress/ingress costs is high specially if we think data ecosystem moving towards operationalizing stuff 2) google has a lot of Pokemon cards, for eg procella which they use for YouTube analytics.might outperform Bigquery on future if suited towards analytics. 3) can google really be a product-support company? For eg. Even for large customers Google's support is at best 'slow' vs AWS where experience is totally different (one of my friend works in a big gaming company where google budget is 12-16 Mn plus, and the support is pretty bad)

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Jun 11, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

Alas, Google seems to be allergic to buyers. They prefer bidders.

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