What if its not a matter of everyone becoming an analyst but instead, the mission is to restore the ability of analysis to people who used to do it?

What are shift managers doing when they set schedules? Analysis

What are teachers doing when they create lesson plans? Analysis

What does any of do when we make plans to purposefully fill needs? Analysis

I think where we've gotten confused is conflating technical analysis with business analysis. Its not that your typical customer manager doesn't do analysis. Its that the complexity of our businesses and the volume of our measurement have grown so great that we need deep technical skills to just to make simple decisions. Also, as a society, we've gotten really uncomfortable with uncertainty, and that's expensive.

Consider the simple task of navigating somewhere. I once drove 500 miles to my grandmother's place with a half page of scribbling for directions. 7 turns. These days, I don't back out of my driveway without being plugged into a massive cloud compute infrastructure and a to the minute estimate of arrival time. Have I allowed absurd expectations to rob me of analytics self-sufficiency?

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Mar 11, 2022Liked by Benn Stancil

#1 - where I'm from, you absolutely could drive your swamp buggy down 85 to get to the mudhole. You might not like your life very much, while you do it, but no one would stop you!

#2 There are no other people I'd rather hang out with to talk data than Gordon and Benn! :)

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